Always dress like it is the best day of your life

Always dress like it is the best day of your life

Manifesting Money March: Always dress like it’s the best day of your life

Today is the day. 

There will never be another today, the moments that you let slip by are gone forever. Everyday when you get up you have the opportunity to live your dream life. 

Too often we hear people say things like:

  • “I will be happy when I get a new job.”
  • “I will work on my art when I finish school”
  • “I will have more time when the kids are grown”
  • “Once I move, life will be better”
  • “If I lose 15 lbs...”

Happiness is not something we are rewarded with once we attain a goal or milestone. It is a choice that we must make every day when we wake up. Anyone who has faced death, often has a different appreciation for their life. They take enjoyment in simple things and in just being present.They understand the value of their health and that every breath is a blessing.

Today will never come again, choose how you spend it.

Everyday you are gifted 24 hours. When you wake up each morning, instead of thinking about your to-do list, think about the one thing you can do that will make your future better. The laundry can wait-your dreams can’t!

Find Joy Everyday. 

You are responsible for your own happiness. No external person or stimuli is going to change your intrinsic outlook. It is up to you to find joy in your own experiences. Whether it is listening to your favorite music while you work, scheduling time to create art or playing outside. Seek out that enjoyment for yourself!

  • Today is a special occasion
  • ​​Today will never come again. So make it a special occasion.
  • Wear that dress, put on your makeup, take yourself out for dinner.
  • Stop waiting, saving, and hoping for the perfect moment.
  • That moment is now!

Dopamine dressing

It is no secret that what we wear impacts our mood. We have expressions like “power suit”, “comfy clothes”, “going out clothes”. All of these terms show the power that clothing and dressing with intention carries. 

Fashion is not about following trends or dressing up to impress others. It's about feeling good and being confident in your own skin. It's about expressing your personality and defining your identity. It's about telling a story without saying a word. So, when you dress like it’s the best day of your life, you're not just putting on clothes, you're defining who you are and how you want to be perceived.

Of course, dressing your best doesn't necessarily mean wearing formal clothes or spending a fortune on designer brands. It means curating a wardrobe that fits, is comfortable and enhances your personal confidence. Whether it is performance leggings, your well worn jeans, a basic black t-shirt, a chic dress, or a sharp suit. What matters is that the clothes you wear reflect your genuine self, and that you feel good wearing them.

Personal Branding

Whether you like to admit it or not, your clothes and style send strong messages to people about you-your interests, values, beliefs, economic status. People judge us on what we are wearing and likewise you unconsciously make assumptions about people based on their attire. 

This does not mean that you should dress for other people or to cater to their opinions. In contrast, you should develop your own personal style and use your clothing as messaging for your personal brand. 

As the founder of Probably Special, I never have to worry about what I am going to wear anymore. I have a collection of items for different activities-from meetings, swimming, dancing, fitness, to formal events, that I can pull from for the right occasion.

As a brand ambassador for the brand, I am embracing the symbolism of the floral prints while promoting the brand values; And whenever anyone asks me about my outfit, I am able to refer them to the brand and earn commission if they order!  

If you are interested in becoming a brand ambassador, message on @probablyspecial across all social media or email

Simplifying your wardrobe and selecting great pieces that fit and look fabulous, is the first step in always dressing for the best day of your life. 

As a fitness instructor and avid outdoor enthusiast I appreciate that my clothing can go from the beach to the board room without having to change my outfit. 

Your clothing should be an extension of you and your personal brand and reflect your personal values. 

Everyday can be special if you are prepared for it

Remember, every day is a new opportunity to express yourself and make a statement. So, why not make the most of it and dress like it’s the best day of your life? Embrace your personal style, celebrate your individuality, and let the world see the best version of you. Because at the end of the day, you're not just dressing for others, you're dressing for yourself.

So the next time you're standing in front of your closet, trying to decide what to wear, remember this philosophy. Dress like it's the best day of your life. After all, you never know who you might run into, what opportunities might come your way, or how your day might turn out. So make every day your best day, starting with the way you dress.

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Remember, always dress like it's the best day of your life!

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